Since our inception in 1999 we have been delivering high value interactive training programmes to clients across the world.  We saw an immediate need to differentiate from the rest of the market by designing simulation-based learning for our clients, whether in a classroom, webinar or online setting,  The result is a wide range of highly interactive, fun and stimulating training programmes that cater for all levels of learning through channels that can be tailored according to our clients’ needs.

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The Insight Difference

  • Our unique offering is that we can combine our training with business simulations that enable the learning to be translated to ‘real life’ situations. In our experience, this introduces an element of interactivity and team competition that takes our training to a different level 
  • We ensure our solutions have a minimal impact to your Business Operations by offering a wide range of learning solutions and formats which also take into account different learning styles and daily work schedules
  • We adapt our training for the audience as we understand that your team will have varying degrees of card knowledge and expertise. We ensure that the solutions we offer provide flexibility and that the content we deliver is entirely appropriate for the level of audience
  • Whilst we can offer workshops which range from anywhere between 0.5 days and 5 days in duration, we will always design our training in a modular format. This allows you the flexibility to be able to choose the modules that are fit-for-purpose, as well as allowing you the chance to break up your training in to smaller pieces and deliver it over a longer period of time

What Our Clients Say

The simulation experience is such great fun with some really useful take-aways

Credit Risk Profitability Workshop

One of the few training courses where I have gone back to my desk and was able to start to apply the learnings immediately

Behaviour Based Pricing Workshop

Overall great information for someone new to the bank card business

Card Fundaments Webinar

The course content was very robust, covering a wide range of topics that issuers deal with during the issuing lifecycle. The slide presentations were informative and conveyed the material clearly

Issuing Profitability Workshop