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Latest Posts

  • 60 Seconds Series: Merchant Pricing Models

    17 Jul, 2020

    James talks about how acquirers price payments to merchants in this latest video of our 60-seconds series.

  • 60 Seconds Series: Fintechs

    02 Jul, 2020

    Disruptors, challengers, game changers? Depending on your viewpoint, they have been seen as key to the pace of development of the payments industry and challenging the status quo.

  • Fintechs: Is Winter Coming?

    02 Jul, 2020

    How distruptive are fintechs to the payments business and how can they ensure their survival?

  • 60 Seconds Series: Interchange

    26 Jun, 2020

    The complex topic of Interchange is covered off in just 60 seconds. For a more in depth overview, take a look at our longer vlog on Interchange

  • Interchange: An Overview

    25 Jun, 2020

    James Cranfield provides a high level overview of Interchange Fees for those new to payments or simply wanting to better understand this complex topic.

  • 60 Seconds Series: Network Fees

    18 Jun, 2020

    Take a quick look at James Cranfield's 60-second introduction to Network Fees

  • Network Fees: The Basics

    18 Jun, 2020

    In this extended video, James Cranfield delivers a brief overview of network fees and why they are important to issuer and acquirer P&Ls.

  • 60 Seconds Series: A History of Cards

    10 Jun, 2020

    60 seconds to spare? Here's a whistle-stop tour of the history of payment cards.

  • Identity Crisis 2050

    26 Sep, 2018

    Imagine you’re walking down the street and a stranger asks you your name and when you tell him he asks you to prove it.

  • The Changing Face of Card Loyalty

    11 Aug, 2009

    When asked what “customer loyalty” means to their business, many would say, “Loyalty Programme”. But what does loyalty mean in the overall business objective particularly in the context of the payment card industry?