Our e-learning solutions can be used as part of an overall blended learning strategy or as a stand alone programme. We use content rich, visual learning stimuli, quizzes and interactions to ensure participants are engaged throughout each bite-size course.

This delivery channel is becoming increasingly popular with companies who need to train a large number of employees over a short period of time with minimal business interruption and at a lower cost than traditional classroom training.

Our e-learning solutions are already developed and available to be hosted on a client LMS.  We will soon launch our new online portal to enable individuals, and companies without their own LMS, to have direct access to our courses.

  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • How Card Transactions Work
  • The Role of the Card Issuer
  • Undrestanding Card Fraud
  • Card Fraud Methods and Management
  • History of Cards
  • The Fundamentals of Credit Risk
  • Fundamentals of Card Fraud
  • Debit Card CLM